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"I have known Teresa Kramer for over 20 years. I first met her as a PT for my home bound mother. The care and compassion she showed my mom went way beyond her duties as a PT.Words cannot express my appreciation. From there I knew I would never have to think about using anyone else. She and her staff have helped me with several knee injuries over the years. My experiences have always been helpful and beneficial at PT By the Sea!I highly recommend Teresa and her staff to anyone in need of physical therapy services!!"
May 24, 2018
"Catherine was great! She is knowledgeable and has a great supportive attitude. The exercises were varied so that they were not routine. She continuously gives feedback which is constructive. I would recommend her to anyone! Thank you!!"
Apr 03, 2018
"Physical therapy went a lot better than expected! Had questions and doubts whether it would help my shoulder at all, but it did! Would definitely recommend to others!"
Mar 14, 2018


"Catherine is exceptional and has been such an inspiration to me. She's wonderfully empatahetic and supportive. She's also so patient. I've recommended her to all."

- Janet A.

"I have enjoyed taking yoga at PT by the Sea, first with Theresa Kramer for a long time and now currently with Catherine Duncan who is a lovely instructor. The yoga session once a week has been extremely beneficial to my physical and emotional health with both Catherine and Theresa."

- Marjorie C.

"Catherine Duncan was my therapist and I am extremely pleased with the progress I have made. She is very capable, friendly, and has been excellent in helping me to overcome my shoulder surgery limitations. Would gladly recommend her to all in need of physical therapy. Thank you Catherine."

- Ann P.

"Jennifer Devers saved me from being an old couch potato. I can control my ITB syndrome and stay active (and young)."

- Magda R.

"I can't recommend this enough! For years I had suffered with chronic pain in my neck and back and it had finally begun to cause problems in my hips. Within 2 weeks , my hip problem was resolved. Within 3 weeks, my sleep had improved! And after a month or so, my chronic neck pain , along with all the instabilities it had caused ,, are nearly resolved! I feel so much better! I simply can't believe how much improvement there has been and the level of attentiveness, and understanding of my physical problems, was crucial to my success. She kept me positive and motivated. I could not have done this on my own. Thank you!"

- Heather B.

"After six months of perpetual headaches, I was referred to PT by the Sea to receive myofascial therapy from Susan O'Carroll. My therapy sessions with Susan have given me favorable results in reducing my headache pain level and giving me a set of therapy exercises to use daily."

- Jack B.

"Amy Coleman is by far the best massage therapist I have ever had. I am convinced that her comprehensive, whole-body approach helped speed my recovery after knee surgery several years ago. She really listens and tailors each session to my particular concern or issue. I highly recommend her service."

- Patricia L.

"Approximately 13 to 14 years ago I was introduced to yoga classes at PT by the Sea. I have been a faithful regular ever since. I went on to include pilates and water aerobics to my weekly exercise routine. I have the highest regard and respect for Theresa Kramer and staff for their professional manor, compassion and encouragement."

- Diane S.

"I love my bi-weekly classes with Erin! She is a fabulous teacher. She challenges her students, while always remaining patient and keeping her eagle eye out for any necessary corrections. Her classes follow a pattern but are never the same, so I stay engaged and focused and never grow bored. After working with Erin, my strength and flexibility have improved, and I no longer experience the back pain that originally led me to PT by the Sea. The entire team at PT by the Sea is fantastic!"

- Gretchen R.

"I have been a patient of Jen Devers, PT, ATC for the past few years after suffering an injury to my L-4 in a major regatta. Her focus on core strength, posture, stretching, and conditioning and alignment has helped me heal from the injury and maintain a healthy back. I am a competitive sailor and that requires a tremendous amount of strength and strain on my back and Jen has helped me understand how to take better care of my back and that, in turn, has helped me be able to compete without feeling back pain afterwards. PT By The Sea has been an integral part of my success on the water."

- Chase

"Small pilates classes with customized training and care! Many thanks to Amy Coleman for her Pilates expertise. I have been attending Amy's classes for years. Amy is a great Pilates instructor who makes sure to understand individual issues of those she works with, while running an enjoyable class."

- Sharon K.

"I can not tell you how much better I feel. The massages with Amy has helped my muscles feel ready to start moving again."

- Meg S.

"I have been experiencing low back pain for years and after a few short weeks working with Catherine at PT by the Sea, I have relief. I even sleep through the night. The entire staff is exceptional, warm and friendly."

- John B.

"PT By the Sea has it all! I was new to the area and consider myself very fortunate to have been steered towards Theresa and her exceptional team. This is NOT a high volume practice that pushes patients through without proper supervision, they take the time with each and every patient they see...a rare quality to find in PT these days. But it doesn't stop there, PT By the Sea also offers care for what I would call the 'whole' person. There are yoga classes, pilates, a gym, massage therapy, and even dry needling if you need it. I can't say enough about this place. Rarely do I do reviews, but felt the community should know what a gem PT by the Sea really is."

- Kelly

"Have been a patient at PT by the Sea after a knee injury and can tell you you will get professional, efficient and personalized service. Theresa Kramer and her staff not only listen to you but work to get you well with the best outcomes in the shortest amount of time! 5 stars! Highly recommend!!"

- Selma

"Blew my back out on Jan 13 last year and after two months at another facility I finally fired the Rehab specialist I was seeing and came to PT by The Sea...and after less than a week with Theresa I began to see Amazing results and after three months of Therapy I made the decision not to have back surgery and continued to make a full recovery and regained a Quality of life!! Highly recommended."

- Carson

I had the good fortune to have Jen as my physical therapist. Not only is she a pro but she is extremely personable and super fun to work with. Jen clearly has her patients' best interests in mind, setting achievable rehabilitation goals and coaching patients to optimal outcomes.


Susan cured me! For 2 more or more years I had suffered from Sacrum and SI joint pain and instability which eventually effected my pelvic floor. Susan has an abundance of training on the pelvic floor as well as myofascial release. Her gentle adjuments, muscle work, and kind encouragement healed me! I use her knowledge daily to prevent the pain and injury from coming back. I am so glad I was led to her after trying so many therapist and treatments before hand.


The Best! Meredith is very "personable, caring, helpful, informative. Her patients come first always. She listens and gives examples. She is an excellent PT. PT by the Sea is like family!

Rosalie H.

Theresa is the best! She knows the human body and how to relieve pain quickly;. Then she helps you develop exercise strategies to correct problems.

Phyllis A.

I had serious spinal surgery with fractures of two vertebrae T1, a burst fracture of T12, and fusion from T 7 to L2 with Titanium rods and screws. I was introduced to PT by the Sea by my daughter who is in the health care profession at their open house and met Theresa Kramer and other physical therapists. They have helped tremendously to grow taller and stronger. They are very professional and make everyone very comfortable because they are very friendly. I highly recommend PT by the Sea without any reservations.

Robert H.

Everyone at PT by the Sea is a complete professional. You will be hard pressed to find anyone to match them. Professional and caring and a great atmosphere.

Murray P.

I am extremely pleased with PT by the Sea. Theresa Kramer is an excellent physical therapist. I was terrified at first that my injury would be worsened by PT, but Theresa knew just what to do by working with me on the Sara Meeks Osteoporosis method. These exercises helped me tremendously.

Lynda L.

The dry needle treatment that I have been receiving from Dr Meredith has definitely helped resolve my shoulder pain/tightness. She is very attentive to my comfort during the treatments. I would highly recommend her, and PT by the Sea in general.


I have maintained a gym routine, mostly unsupervised, for 6 years. The therapists give encouragement, suggest modifications to my routine that keeps it safe and effective. The environment is friendly and professional and I am always eager to come.

Ted O.

Theresa Kramer and her team are great. Friendly, knowledgeable and compassionate, they not only alleviate your discomfort but teach you management of your issues, and provide the tools to improve your activity level and quality of life!

Fran K.

Friendly helpful office manager Amanda - physical therapist patient, kind, personal, most importantly knowledgeable and helpful with issues being addressed.

Marjorie W.

In the past 10 years I have received physical therapy at three very different facilities between Charlotte and Wilmington. So far my experience here has been the best. The personal attention and thorough treatment has been very effective. The staff is pleasant, courteous and knowledgeable. I have recommended PT by the Sea to at least 3 random people during the last several months and will continue to recommend going forward. I give the whole experience and results a 10 and Mandy a 10 plus.


This PT is helping me tremendously! The home program that Mandy gives me is also helping me get in shape for spring golf. I would recommend PT by the Sea to anyone and especially Mandy.

Robert S.